Zenryoku Usagi 11 Released! + Zorori news

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Zenryoku Usagi 11 Released! + Zorori news

Post by Acru-Fox on 2008-10-30, 00:40

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Also, Zorori 22 and 23 are two part episodes, but we will not release them both at the same time. It's too much work releasing two eps at once, so we'll release them one a week. As for ep 21, it'll be out later this week or early next week.

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Post by Rimskiy on 2008-10-31, 20:54

Some people may have had a strange impression to see this episode. In Japan, there is a description, "What we must not do is to work in an organisation." It was written in the 10th Century though, it means that the Japanese persons of power have strongly advocated a society of "top down" in the past history of centralism. It was regarded as a rebellion against the government and the society that an ordinary people makes a pole to an organisation. In the Edo Period (1603 - 1867AD), any direct petition to a feudal lord deserves a capital crime. About 140 years have passed since then, this way of thinking seems to be still alive in the profound mind of the Japanese. In this episode, Elite demands Eigyo to fulfill many unreasonable requests. Based upon such a historical background, this episode turns to be meaningful.

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