Kaiketsu Zorori Episode 12 Released

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Kaiketsu Zorori Episode 12 Released

Post by Axelfar on 2008-07-17, 20:55

Episode 12 has been released!

Kaiketsu Zorori Episode 12 The Amusement Park of Terror

And visit our tracker if you're behind and haven't seen any of the older eps Smile

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Post by Kenshi-Maru on 2008-07-19, 03:13

C'mon, the episodes with Elzie and Arthur are the best, Zorori really gets mad with them. xD
Is it me or Zorori is getting more and more angry as time goes on? He was almost killing the his poor little pupils.
Maybe it's because they always destroy his plans, but it's not their fault. Crying or Very sad
hehe Laughing
Anyway, just 2 episodes to the new Ending, bye-bye Sora wa Ao!
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