Donation Drive Complete (Again)

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Donation Drive Complete (Again)

Post by Acru-Fox on 2009-07-11, 02:05

So here's what happened: The Zorori DVDs have been discontinued. RIGHT AFTER WE ORDERED THEM. We waited 4 weeks only to find this out. So our supplier, cdjapan, doesn't have three of the DVDs for season 3. They refunded the money, but the only place that has the DVDs in stock is Amazon Japan and they charge more for them. So naturally we now fall short not for the DVDs, but for the shipping costs. Someone has already donated $10 but we need another $25 by Sunday to finish the order. We could really use your help again. The donate button has been reactivated.

Thanks to some emergency donations, we were able to raise the money for the final three disks that were missing. The order will be placed in 6 days. To recap, cdjapan didn't have Zorori disks 13,14, and 16, so we have to buy them from Amazon Japan were they're more expensive. cdjapan refunded us for the missing disks but we needed more money to cover the shipping costs. Once again thanks to everyone who donated.

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