Zenryoku Usagi Episode 15 Released!

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Zenryoku Usagi Episode 15 Released!

Post by Axelfar on 2009-02-02, 17:26

Since we've been neglecting this series, here's another ep : >

Zenryoku Usagi 15 (704x396)
Zenryoku Usagi 15 (1280x720)

Zenryoku Usagi 15 (Youtube)


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Post by Rimskiy on 2009-02-04, 04:23

This episode talked about railfan (rail buff). It is to be said that there are approximately 20,000 of railfans whose annual market scale is about 46 million in U.S. Dollar in Japan. They are called “Tetsudo Otaku” (short for “Tesu-ota”) or "Tetsu Kichi". Some Japanese railfans dislike to be called “Tetus-ota” because it contains a humble meaning. Interesting to say, almost all those Japanese railfans are interested only in the domestic trains, railroad tickets, models, and so on. It is probably because of the following reasons:

aa) The country is surrounded by the sea, the Japanese railroads have no physical setting points to the foreign railroads.
bb) Many Japanese railfans have a strong affection to enjoy seeing their domestic views from trains.
cc) The linguistic wall. Almost all the Japanese students are required to study English for ten years during the periods of junior high school and university, but their main purpose is to pass the examinations.

Recently, many Japanese local railroads are abolished, and many Japanese old trains are exported to the foreign countries. It is to be said that theses tendencies deprive the Japanese railfans of their interests.
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